Justin Biebeeeerrrrr!

Gossip girl XOXO!

Bieber boyyy is dating with Selena Gomezzz! WOW!

When Gomez was young! haha~
She is a mix Italian and America!

Selena Gomez was born in Texas, USA (22-7-1992). She started her actress and singer life from Disney Channel Series. Gomez begin wearing a purity image since 2004. She is a huge animal lover! 

Bieber Boyyy is handsome!
I think Selena is taller than him? haha!
His residence in California is epic!
Justin Bieber was born in Ontario, London (1-3-1994). He is a famous Canadian R&B singer, songwriter and actor. He gained his popularity since 2007 when he was 13 year-old in his You-Tube "Ne-Yo" Video. My friends thought he was a girl by listening his song in the first instance. Haha! Cute boy!

Rumors of Bieber and Gomez was first surfaced in early December 2009 when they were spotted on a date at IHOP. Gomez denied any romance with her fellow teen icon. Since the first got out, the two have tried to play it cool, presumably because they did not want to alienate tons of fansss by admitting they were in a relationship.

But hey have been caught canoodling in the Caribbean in January 2011. *Sorry Gals*

There is no denying of their official relationship by attending the  Vanity Fair Oscar party and walking the red carpet hand in hand! Look they are wearing couple dress!

Gomez kept her face covered as she arrives at Maggiano Little Italy restaurant for Bieber;s 17th Birthday Party in LA, California (1-3-2011). I wondered why is she covering her face? She shall be proud of having such a super star as boy friend! 

Unfortunately, the star always do not have privacy at all in their relationship. Their action was always under all the flash lightZZZ and being magnified. As a consequence, most of the rumours has turned out to be break up in the end. So how long do you think this couple will last? 

Famous "International Language" to protect his love. how sweet ;)



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