500am - wake up
630am - driving to work
700am - reach office
1230pm - lunch
630pm - drive back home
730pm - reach home
900pm - sleep

From 5am-9pm, this is basically my life cycle for 3 months.

Dear pimples have been visiting me non stop since my final exam. I am sick of you let's break up now. I wish you can find your new loves.

The power of chanting had arranged an awesome supervisor for me!

I learned scheme of arrangements, take over mergers, due diligence, privatization, co-sec, license extracting, agreement revision etc. Please give me more tasks oh yeah :D

I am looking forward to attend a real company general meeting soon!

I pray for my best memories, best experience, and best friends during my LA!

What about your intern experience? Can you guys share with me too?

Wish me lucks :)


What is the best gifts for Valentine's Day?

I can smell the Valentine's day!


But my V's day is cancelled due to my examinations!

Haha! Maybe this is the reason why we should not celebrate V's day on 14/2/2012! trololol

My friends have been keep posting about their Valentine's day gifts or expressly tell their boyfriend about their desired gift. So, what is the best gifts for Valentine's day?

These are the common general gifts for valentines...


Teddy bear

chocolate is the most popular gifts during secondary school and high school

 red roses!

Although I prefer the practical gifts than the decorative or toys gifts. But I believe the best gifts are the thought and not the amount spent. 

However, I saw the changing trend recently where the girls are thinking the boys is not that into them when they do not receive their desired gift. I saw a funny forum when a girl was angry after she expect to receive a more expensive gift from her boyfriend. 

I noticed many of my friends are posting about their V's day gift on FB, the students are sooo rich nowadays! haha ;p

But these are another gifts I saw on other friends

So what do you thing about these creative gifts? I think it is the best gifts if you give it from the bottom of the heart. No matter what we give, the meaningful and full of thought gifts is always the best without expecting anything in return. My friends are so loving to each other, every day is Valentine's day because they had a strong bond between each other! It is so much better compared to one of my friend who got dump from her super rich boyfriend, she is regretting of leaving her ex-ex-boyfriend due to her materialistic desire.

I think Valentine's day is a good test for all the couples in the world. The guys would definitely don't want a Gold-Digging Bitch who do not let go of the petty and material stuff like who spent more in choosing a gift.

I wish all of you have an awesome Valentine's day!


Jeremy Lin 林書豪: The blow of Linsanity!

"Linsanity, Lincredible"!! Have you ever heard of Jeremy Lin?

"Linsanity" is the most popular words in the basketball world and it was derived from the word "insanity"! 

The blow of "linsanity" has attracted me to watch basketball too! The New York Knicks' Jer had scored 38 points on Friday night against the Lakers. He has also recorded at least seven assists in each game, and he has been efficient, shooting at least 53% from the field each time. Lin has getting better and even more outstanding than Kobe Bryant on Friday night!

This is a must watch movie that will make you "linsane!!"

A new star in NBA!

So do you want to know more about him?

Jeremy Lin Biodata

Name      : Jeremy Shu-How Lin
DOB       : 23/8/1988
POB        : California
Weight    : 91KG
Height     : 191cm

After watching his chinese interview in Taiwan, I realized that how many efforts he put in to pursue his basketball dream. He is the first Taiwanese in NBA that make us proud!

Ever since he was young, he wanted to study at his dream school at Stanford. Unfortunately he was rejected after several applications and has been jobless for a while. Harvard and Brown were the only teams that guaranteed him on his basketball teams and Jer had chosen to attend Harvard to study Economics.

Jeremy's ambition is to be a pastor in Christian. I think it is a beautiful ambition to spread the happiness to all humanity. Whatever religion you are belonging, having a strong faith is the most important element to keep Jer to a higher level by releasing his ultimate potential in NBA.

From the unknown basketball player to the famous basketball star, he had experienced up-and-downs in the basketball training. He has been struggling in deciding his path to involve in basketball career or going to Wall Street that relevant to his undergraduate studies. Finally, he had chosen the road not taken and his hard word has paid off!

His basketball Jersey is the most popular in the town. It is around $55.00 USD that is even more expensive than Anthony! Jeremy Lin No.17 jersey is almost out of stock and the manufacturing is making a big business too!

I am looking forward to his better and consistent performance in the coming NBA league!

Your "lincredible" performance had made the whole world to be "Linsane"!! 

Good luck!

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Auspicious Time

What a beautiful and artistic craftsmanship!

I am insanely in love with Cartier




After many attempts and persistence, the egg is finally standing!! Even it is located at 18th floor in my hostel!

Today is very meaningful for the Chinese because it signifies the beginning of SPRING!

The new gravitational theory provides a scientific explanation for this phenomenon that attributed to such things as imperfections in the egg surface that provide a small tripod on which the egg can be stabilized. The reason of the theory is due to the 23 degree tilt of the earth spin axis, there is a degree of symmetry during an equinox when the earth's spin axis is exactly at right angles with the direction to the sun from the earth. This means that free electrons in an egg can travel along these vertical diallel field lines and improved stability!

After the 9-day full of celebrations and gatherings, it is the time to face the reality! This is a special new year because most of my friends are coming back home, also, I missed all the gathering last year and MMU is arranging exam week on the 2013 CNY! Besides endless gathering with friendss, I organised a series of family activities because my brother is going to further studies so soon!

In short, I wish all of us have massive lucks and "ohm" in final exams!

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