Be yourself

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else."
-Judy Garland

Ever since I was young, my surrounding has always full of outstanding and shinning friends :)
They are gorgeous, intelligence, independent, rich, happy and perfect!
I hope that I can be a second version of them instead of being myself.

I still remembered how I was trying to imitate my friends a few years back.
But subsequently I realized that I was born to be cheerful and outspoken.
Although I talk loud, I talk crap, I am a bit uncivilized..I always bring happiness and sunshine to my friends. ^___^

Why I should imitate others instead of creating my own self-identity?
It is fine to learn about the philosophy and good qualities of our idol or successful people.
But always remember that all of us are unique and we are born this way.
Don't ever lose your precious self-identity instead of following others blindly.

Be the leader instead of follower! Be confidence and respectful of ourselves before other people can respect you.

I believe that I will be equipped with unique and awesome self characteristics before I graduate from law school.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest!!

Be yourself :)


Enjoy the ride of Roller Coaster!

Life is full of ups and downs. If you are anything like me, more than once you have prayed to God to take away some of the low spots.

I just realized that the experience I am trying to avoid is actually a life-altering opportunity that shaped me into a better person! So yell it loud that "Hit me with your best shot!!"

Knowing this after the fact didn't make it any easier, but looking back I realized I am much better now for having endured it. Besides, I would never have realized how high I have gotten without the perspective of how low I had actually been. 

The real lesson to be learned is that we need to face our challenges head-on with grace, style and conviction. Therefore, I will face all my challenges in this semester with confidence and happiness! 

So the next time your life starts to resemble a roller coaster,  climb into the front seat, throw your arms in the air, and enjoy the ride!


Love what you do, Do what you love

Who am I for the past few weeks? I lost my craziness and smile when I was alone. 

I received an email from Tim this morning!! It was super inspiring and I am so motivated now!

A common norm of people (like me) coming from Chinese School is always working too hard or "kiasu" in another words.

Tim: "just be organised and plan ahead. I'm not hardworking but I do what needs to be done." 

Then I realized that I study because of exam, and that's all.

This is not a real purpose of learning but the time constraint is the factor that I need to overcome.

I love to read law that is for sure, so why am I feeling so down when I am doing, rushing and learning all the stuff I love? 

There are tons which I dont even ready yet. But its true that I should calm down and try my best. That is really not a big deal at all! I can do it! A special thanks to How, Black, Aqiya, Cliff, Shelly, family who gimmi support!

I hope to further my studies in the USA for a longer period because there is something that I want to learn, explore and share!

Yay Sunshine is back!

Love what you do, Do what you love!


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