Watch out!

Oh my, my beloved Tissot watch broken yesterday. As the chinese saying 舊的不去,新的不來
It's time to change a new watch! 

I have always been dreaming to have a good Swiss automatic watch. Although many may deny it, keeping track of the time is one of the primary considerations of a person. With so many things that must be accomplished in one day, it is necessary to constantly watch the time to make sure that everything is done on schedule. It is a necessity for us to conduct our daily life!

One of the most famous regions known for producing watches is Switzerland. They became famous for their watches over 500 years ago and continue to be a leader in the watch industry today. Although 500 years ago, their watches left a lot be be desired in accuracy, today they are nearly unrivaled in their reputation for timekeeping precision. It is a best gift for your love one!

Now, let me share with you why I adore a Swiss watch


An average watch buyer would select a watch in line with the title over its classification, however for a couple of, a carefully made automatic watch made of the best materials and through impeccable craftsmanship may be worth every buck. Swiss made watches brings together both technical and aesthetic quality that only keeps enhancing driven by its loyalty for ongoing innovation. The techniques are led by stringent methods and rules that ensures high-finished watches. The truth that it requires careful manual skill to place the pieces together, then rigorous testing has given clients that assurance of quality.

William Promote states, "Quality isn't any sort of accident it is usually caused by high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, it signifies the smart selection of many options.


Apart from the standard, Swiss watches will also be noted for its elegant and classic designs. Companies get their own distinct style wonderful it only playing inside the lines of sophisticated taste and brilliant designs together with the periodic conversational pieces.

The mechanism from the action also fascinates many how something could be forever drivin by the smallest actions. The thoroughly finished parts and gems that constitute the movement happen to be a skill by itself. Of these people, they value the careful thought and precise artistry that adopts the watches designs.


Swiss made watches, in whatever brand, holds many years of status of fine watch-making. SHould you read articles of any type of literature about watches, you would observe that these watches go far and beyond others due to their many years of uncompromised quality.


The Swiss watches' good status for good quality created watches that extend beyond a person's lifetime. For example with Patek Philippe their tagline goes: You won't ever really own a Patek Philippe. You basically take proper care of it for the following generation. This can be a testimony towards the sturdiness of those watches, along with the legacy of propert watch-making.

You better WATCH out!


  1. I am aiming for TITUS so I get a proper watch during my internship :) Swiss is too expensive for me though...lol

  2. haha! Titus is quite girly suits you :) Lets go to watch-hunt next time teehee


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