Bon Voyage

Wow I can't believe that the big day is getting closer, I am gonna embark on my brand new journey soon! Although I haven't start packing my luggage yet!!

It is within my expectation that there will be many obstacles along the way. But there is also something that are out of my expectation. That makes me emo. Why am I being affected so easily, why am I crying so badly? I tell myself that I must be strong, confidence and full of wisdom to face any challenges! The most important thing to bare in mind is to "creating value" to share!

Dispose all my unhappiness and worries, I have made a deal with my comrades to share my successful experience after this semester.

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. -Winston Churchill

Good luck! Best of lucks to me yes :D

p/s: yes I am so excited to catch up with gfss later! HAHA!


Follow Your Heart

I woke up one night in the hours of darkness,
I sat up straight in my bed to find a shimmering light in my closet,
But there's no lights on in the room, that is the moment in life I felt its all dark, scared and the loneliness around me.

I got up and went slowly toward the closet,
To find a pair of gold wings,
An angel was standing by my side,
“What do I do with these gold wings?” I asked the angel
“Put the wings on my child.” Answered the angel
I put the wings on flew to a place that had many stars.

The angel then appeared and said, “Follow your heart, your goals and your dreams.”
Only you know what is right for you
Anything is possible
Miracles do come true,
Hope and dreams are a reality if let them be,
Life can be wonderful if you let it be,
The world is at your feet
Therefore, there is no time waste.

Remember you are not alone,
you have family and friends who constantly supporting you
you have friends who are always be there for you
good people gather around good people
just be patience
a true friends will appear soon and after when you are in trouble
they will take your pain away and walk with you today
wipe away your tears and help you to face the fears
Together you go that extra mile and a friend will help you learn to smile :)

Start flying to the stars,
The bright star in the sky created especially for you,
Therefore, there is no time to lose go find your bright star,
When you find it, open the magic door
Out will come gifts,
Waiting for you to explore,
So believe in your dreams
Follow your heart
Your world can be a happier place as long as you believe.

"Aal Izz Well"
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