My Leica!!

Have you ever heard about Leica Camera?

I heard it before but I never know that this camera is the BEST in town!!

Founded as Leitz optics over 100 years ago, Leica made precision microscopes and other instruments before introducing their famous 35mm Leica I in 1925. Leica Cameras are sought after by top photographers and prominents such as; Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, Elliot Erwit, Queen Elizabeth II, and  many others.

Leica D-Lux 5 is one of my favourite! It is very similar to Panasonic LX-5. But the performance is definitely better by comparing the colour and resolution of both cameras!

But the Leica D-Lux 5 is more expansive (Around $ 900 = RM 3K). It is one thousand difference between the Panasonic and Leica. But the resale value of Leica is definitely higher. Also there are photoshop software and 3 years warranty provided

The quality of Leica is definitely better! It is sometimes better than DSLR!
The gist of Leica Camera is on the lens itself!
It is based on the microscope and telescope system from Germany!
Every camera is HANDMADE!!!

Instead of having LV, Gucci, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, I prefer to buy a Leica!!

 Some of Leica Special Limited Edition Camera that worth to share ;)

OMG it is  just like a TOY!!!
But damn expensive I would say ;)))
We tried it in KSL!

This D-Lux 4 Safari Special Edition is HuiKee's favourite!
The unique bag and special camera is sooo cool!
There are only 3000 limited edition in this world!
And we saw it in JB!!! Hoorey!
Cost around $2000 or RM 5600 only hahahaha!!

This is Leica M7 orange Hermes is limited edition!!

My Leica M9 Titanium babe

Can you believe an ultimate set of M9 cost around RM100 K =O

I wanna buy an Leica M9 iPhone skin!!!
Please help me to buy if u see it okok?!

This is the S series DSLR!!

Wow! Its good to buy a BEST camera in your lifetime
Dream for Leica now!
Say goodbye to Panasonic GF2


  1. Heard about this long time ago!!!
    But too bad it is not within my budget T__T
    so still, canon compact cam will do!

  2. I tried GF2 last week but it doesn't impress me.

    Saw some website long time ago teaching people how to DIY the iphone leica skin, you try to search it on net.

  3. Found it for you.


  4. Leaf: Will buy this one in the future when we work, HAHAHA!! Sure within our budget next time LOLzzz

    Kumiko: TQ soooo much!! I tried GF2 too!! But a bit disappointed with the sensor, my friends doesnt like the colour. They said PEN2 is the best haha

  5. shall go for black !

  6. I love black colour too!

    Hopefully mummy will buy that <3

  7. You are a huge poser!!

  8. Poser!!! "Having a leica is the same as having LV, Gucci, burberry, jimmy choo"??? How can you say that?? Its not a status symbol. Its a professional instrument. Not a status symbol.


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