Decision-making is something we do hundreds of times per day.  Most of these decisions we make don't fall into the "hard" category, but when they do, special considerations must be made before we make them.  I think making the decision to go USA had killed thousands of my brain cells! I felt so frustration before I make the decision.

You may be wondering, why do it need to think so much after I got this golden opportunity to fulfill my dreams? In fact, many factors as possible must be taken into consideration before making them, as the ramifications could change our lives significantly. There is no turning back once you have made the decision. But how to make those hard decisions? 

I had analysed the pros and cons and consulted a number of lecturers and seniors about it.
The answer is rather quite negative if I am going to USA.The cons: 
After deduct all the holidays, skipping FIVE weeks classes in my third year is equivalent to absence for the half of my semester. That might be affect my overall result. I think they are good in the sense they point out the possible risk that I am gonna face. Assignments, Mid-terms, Lecturesss and Tutorialss for FIVE CORE SUBJECTS! WOW! What they can actually do it advice me to think throughly before the final decision. I admit that I had considered all the possible risk and consequence that I might face. What kind of future do I envision for myself? What kind of self am I trying to develop? What do I want to accomplish in my life? This made me think more and more and moreee before I reply to the US Embassy *which they are calling me to give my final answer*

But there are some positive feedbacks if I am going!The pros: 

Let's think it in a bigger picture, it is a good opportunities to achieve what I want! Five weeks doesn't really affect me in my life. I had nothing to fear or lose because I am still young!
Class can be attended anytime, but this opportunity may be appear only once in my life! Also, I have the spirit to work harder in order to cope with my studies and workload!
I challenge myself to chant 40 minutes everyday to strengthened my confidence and lucksss! I will do any necessary thing to corporate with my groupmates and classmates to make the group assignments run smoothly. The most powerful words I ever heard from Kok Keong is that no matter what is your decision, it is essential to create value!

If I choose to reject the offer, I might regret for not only five weeks but longer. Not going also doesn't guarantee I can score well in my exam. Why don't I take the risk and face it? 
It is even greater if I am going at the same time passed all my exam with flying colours!!

Share with you some inspiring words from Words of Wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda 

Human life possesses a potential deeper than the great wide ocean and vaster than the sky. We may tend to give up and resign ourselves to present circumstances, thinking "There is no way." But by breaking down these barriers in our minds, we can enjoy vibrant lives, filled with powerful life force like the sun.

Our hopes, desires and ambitions are powerful forces existing within us for the shaping of the future. They are the generating forces that create the future. To lose hope or give up one's goals because of the setbacks of the moment is to diminish one's own life potential. Hopes, dreams, faith and a sense of mission enable us to open up our lives.

When we limit ourselves with low expectations, the growth of the tree of happiness ceases. The power of growth, of improvement, the power to overcome all stagnation and break through every obstacle and transform a barren wasteland into a verdant field--that unstoppable power of hope resides right within your own heart. It wells up from the rich earth of your innermost being when you face the future without doubt or fear: "I can do more. I can grow. I can become a bigger and better human being." Life is a never-ending struggle to grow.

Hardships make us strong. Problems give birth to wisdom. Sorrows cultivate compassion. Those who have suffered the most will become the happiest.

The worst mistake you can make is to give up on yourself and stop challenging yourself for fear of failure. Keep moving forward with a firm eye on the future, telling yourself, "I'll start from today!" "I'll start afresh from now, from this very moment!"

Failure is an instrumental part of every success. Whether our life has been a triumph or tragedy can only be judged at its very end.

Life is a struggle, and ultimate victory is only decided in its final chapter. That is why it's important not to grow conceited in victory or become disheartened in defeat. Those who keep pressing onward toward a goal with tireless patience and persistence win in the end.

Yes, I decided to go for my dreams! 

I am ready to face all obstacles. I am starting to prepare to minimize my difficulties. I am so appreciate  for all the supports from my mentors, family and friends. 

This lifetime will never come again; it is precious and irreplaceable. To live without regret, I must have a concrete purpose, continually setting goals and challenges for ourselves. And we need to keep moving toward those specific targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time. 

Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality. Those who make steady efforts are full of hope. And hope, in turn, arises from steady efforts. Embrace your dreams and advance as far as they can take you.

I believe when you devote yourself to achieving your goal, you will not be bothered by shallow criticism. Nothing important can be accomplished if you allow yourself to be swayed by some trifling matter, always looking over your shoulder and wondering what others are saying or thinking. 

The key to achievement is to move forward along your chosen path with firm determination.


  1. mei mei, seriously, i dun think you shld let ur worries hold you back..it's good that you anticipate them and identify the potential challenges that might be facing you from the onset...perhaps u shld think it the other way..realising them might be facing you from the onset means that you are mentally prepared for them...believe me...there is nothing impossible once you are determined...the process might be hard when you are going thro them but after all, you will feel it's worthwhile..at the end of the day..you have done something so different and something that you want so much..your few attempts of application tells what?? it has clearly shown how much you want for this chance...and now it's right in front of you...why hesitate?just follow wat your guts tell, ok?.. i know that you are not those simple girl who wants only an easy life...with regard to your studies...others say..it might be affected..'might be' means there is an equal chance that you can handle it well right?? ~your charlie ^^~

  2. Thanks Charlie :')) Although we are different uni, I always felt I've known u for a long time <3

    Yeah, its ironic if I gave up after my few attempts of application! Thanks for affirming my decision!

    I chat with u this weekend, if ya free?


  3. same~~~*five*..feel like knowing you for years la!!hahahaha...

    welcome, the decision is in your hand.^^

    sure!!!! yey!!! drop me a message in FB when you are in =)

  4. way to go mei mei!
    just go ur way following ur heart, it will lead you. :)
    all the best!


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