Dreams Come True!

Can you imagine how strong is my Desire to go USA? After my first application, second applicationS, THIRRRD applicationS, FOURTHHHhhhHhhhh applicationSss and I finally got the Full Scholarship to USA!

Maybe you will ask me: " Mei2, why are you so interested to go USA? You can go whenever you want after you graduated from law school"

There are too many reasons I hope to go USA. I want to experience the campus life especially UNDERGRADUATE life in USA! I want to think out of the box in different atmosphere. I want to go USA without spending my parents money. I want to explore USA about the secrets of all the successful businesses! I want to think creatively. I want to share with them about my lovely Malaysia and my dreams. I want to share with my friends about my feeling after going to USA. I want to take beautiful pictures to post in my blog. The most importantly is the program offered by US Department of State is my INTEREST subject! 
*tsk tsk, I can also buy cheap iPhone 5 and new iPad in USA for my dad and bro yeah*
*tsk tsk, maybe my Mum will buy a Leica to "borrow" me*

I did not expect much when I applied for this scholarship. Applicants from the whole Malaysia are competing to be one of the 18 candidates from all around the world. Yes I am luckier than winning a lottery. I simply wrote an essay and application to US Embassy via e-mail last November 2010. When I read again my application a moment ago, I found out my personal statement had many grammatical mistakes. I even realized I wrote some funny content about my desire to go USA eg Googlemei -.-"  Then I did not received have Any reply until the end of February 2011. The embassy of US said my application will be sent to Washington DC for the final selection. I dare not to tell my parents because I am afraid it will be a false hope again. Today, I got a surprising e-mail that I have been selected to represent Malaysia to the honorable Study in the US Institute program for student leaders! :")

This program is mainly discuss about the new media and politics. This institute examines major topics in journalism including the concepts of a free press, First Amendment Rights, Law, Freedom of Speech, the media's relationship to the public interest and media business models. This program underscore the impact of new technologies on journalism, and gives participants new skills such as editing photographs and video online, using social networking sites like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and publishing personal blogs. Ever since I started my blog around October 2010, I fall in love in online publishing. I believed the new media will be a very powerful tool in the near future!

However, I am not sure whether to accept the offer or reject it =/ It is because this program will be tentatively held around June to end of July 2011. If I am going to USA, I have to skip my classes for 5 weeks (1/3 of my entire course). For your information, my third year in law will be very challenging (Company Law, Land Law, International Law, IT Law, Equity & Trust). 

The only way to overcome my challenges is working hard before the new semester started. Moreover, chanting is my great power to overcome all my challenges and obstacles. The most importantly, I need helps from my coursemates. Last year, when I skipped four weeks classes to Cambridge UK, I think I made my friends unhappy :"( I really hope my friends will keep me update everyday, record the lectures and tutorials for me. I am so sorry to trouble you! But will you help me if you are my coursemate? 

Anyway, I am so happy that my dreams come true :') I hope everything can run smoothly so I can go to USA successfully. (See: Decision)

If you can DREAM it, you can DO it!

Dare to Dream!


  1. have leica will travel ! great venture

  2. Grats ! happy for you girl =) keep that spirit high up to the sky


  4. omg meimei,im so happy and proud you because you are so determined once you want something1im inspired by you,wish u have a great journey &experience there.i would really love to travel and learn new things like u as well,but do u think im a bit too old to start things when im already almost completing my studies?once again congrats!

    p/s: if i give u money can u also help me buy iphone5 &ipad?and label handbags?!!!:D


    i envy you girl..u sure have strong will power!! :)

    good luck mary! u can do it!


  6. You go girl ! Make sure you blog about it. ;)

  7. Jos, Jes, Shinyee, Nina Thanks a lots!

    Cheeda! I never seen you for ages! Rindu <3 iPhone 5 and label handbags? lol

    Jer-I will think about it k :)))

  8. Mei mei, you know what came to mind? That particular chapter in The Last Lecture, talking about how Randy has always wanted to be a Disney imagineer, and he did it. =) Always aim for the moon, because at least even if it doesn't strike the moon, you'd land upon the stars. But you're so much greater than that. You've hit the moon! =) Congratulations, you!

  9. the only thing i wanna say now is:
    we are really of the same species!!!!hahaha...wanna tell you my route toward my dream when the time comes!!!

    no more hesitation!!! just go for it, dear!! u must be thrilled to bits now especially when it is the thing you have been striving for, dreaming of,and now it turns into reality!!! takes time for you to believe it huh??

    i am really proud of you...and at the same time best wishes to you...and you deserve it!!! congratulations!!!!

    ~chialeng ^^ ~

  10. i'm so proud of u meimei. u did inspired me so much. nothing much to say as i was speechless when i read your post. all the best for your trip and do enjoy it :)

    p/s: please don't miss it (:

  11. Wow Jling you are such a good reader! Haha~Coz you remember it =) I will share with u some good books if I have any okok? Lets hang out <3

    Charlie-HAHAHA!!! Tell me your route to your dream!! Do you have skype? I cant wait to chat with u!!! xoxo

    Mimiiiiiiii!! Speechless?? haha! Thanks babe

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