Kill The Bill -The Peaceful Assembly Bill Malaysia

The right of freedom of assembly or freedom of association is recognized as a fundamental human rights and a civil liberty. People shall be entitled to assemble and as long as they remain non-violent. The freedom of assembly is granted by Article 10(1)(b) of the Federal Constitution. However, the introduction of the Peaceful Assembly Bill seems to defeat the rights of freedom of assembly.

Why is the proposed law is moving backwards instead of improving our current situation?   Even Myanmar had passed a law to allow public protests but the bill actually puts the country on par with Zimbabwe -.-! 

There are several controversial issues behind the Bill.

1. Prohibition of street protests 

For your information, street protest is also known as demonstration. It is a group of person who gathered or meeting at a designated endpoint to express their views. The problem is the "peaceful" street protests prohibited by the Bill? If so, why do we need the Bill to govern the peaceful assembly at the first place?

2. Prohibition of organisation of assemblies of children below the age of 21 years old, participants must be citizens of 15 years old and above.

The fundamental rights to assembly under Federal Constitution is granted to every people regardless of the age limit. Is the fundamental liberties only limited to the adults in Malaysia?

Do not bring your child to the rally because they will be fined up to RM 10,000 

3. Unduly onerous responsibilities and restrictions on organisers and assemblies.

The authorities shall be informed 30 days in advance, it is also subject to their approval. Even if Bersih 2.0 was approved, the authorities may subsequently imposed several tactic to arrest the person in charge.

The prohibition in or within 50m of hospitals, fire stations, petrol stations, transport infrastructure, schools and dams. This is ridiculous! The hospitals schools, petrol stations are everywhere, the only place the peaceful assembly can be held is most probably around jungle, kampung or undeveloped area ,under the sea or heaven! :p

4. Excessive fines for non-compliance of the Bill

The offender may be arrested without the warrant and will be fined up to RM 20,000. The arrest without warrant had empowered greater opportunities and power to the police officer to arrest people. Even a five people assembly may need to apply to the authorities or they will be arrested by the police officers without warrant.

"It's not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it." Aung San Suu Kyi
Source: Malaysian Insider
There are hundreds of lawyers who involved in the Walk for Freedom to parliament. Remember, "Lawyers don't walk everyday. Not even every month. But when they walk, then something must be very wrong." -Ambiga Sreenevasan.

The Peaceful Assembly Bill has passed today. Equipped with the thirst to freedom, I hope we can Kill the Bill !!!



"Your character is determined by how you challenge yourself, and how you wrestle with you problems, in a way that is unique to you. This is how character is polished and becomes diamond like!" -Daisaku Ikeda



Chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" is the key to unlock your Highest Potential.

The invocation of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo was established by Nichiren Daishonin on 28/4/1253. Having studied widely among all the Buddhist sutras, he had concluded that the Lotus Sutra contains the ultimate truth of Buddhism: that everyone has the potential to attain Buddhahood. Your Buddhahood exists within your life is the main source of this universal river to enlightenment. Another power of this Buddhism is to heal illness, change karma, and also help the world and environments we live in through leading happier lives!

If you are wondering why am I so cheerful or feeling so happy everyday, the secret behind it is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. However, I am lazy to chant starting from this semester. I felt tired and lack of energy recently. I couldn't understand what I have learned in my lectures, I felt blur in my tutorials, I can't answer questions well, I am lack of confidence, spirit and courage! Today, I got my tutorial script from my lecturer. I got D for my answer script. DONKEY! Crap, this is the worst grade ever!!! Again, I was being criticized for my language ability, understanding and critical thinking! I am Very emo :'( But after I get my result, I am shock to be the one of the highest mark in our class :O

A special thanks to RB who suddenly sing a happy song to me and my sister who suddenly call me from Singapore today! You guys have made my day, thank you! I wonder how my sister knew my feeling and she talked to me for nearly an hour! She shared with my the power of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and how she got the best job, best husband and bought a house etc etc! Her friend's friend who was paralyse can walk normally after chanted for a few months! It was a miracle that can't be explain by medical evidence too! 

I do believe the power of chanting! I remember someone asked me a good question, how can you obtain all those scholarships to overseas with your standards? Yes, I am not a bright student nor an intelligent girl. This can be reflected from what I performed in my daily life. I am a super blur queen. I couldn't answer the simple questions or my answer is not accurate enough. Surprisingly, I am able to score in exam and obtained all those scholarships by chanting nam myoho renge kyo! I should have continue my chanting habit to develop my strong faith and release my potential in order to achieve my dreams! 

Recognizing everyone possesses the Buddhanature and also compassion for all mankind in theory sounds very fantastic until you try it. This is the Buddhism of Win-Win. Upon realizing that the true value of this Buddhism lies in determined actions I was able to uncover the most amazing long and difficult path I could ever chose to follow, that is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, for the rest of my life!

Besides thinking positively, a proper Buddhist practice, chanting, reading Buddhist principles and sharing is necessary to gain wisdom and achieve victory! If you do have any problems or difficulties, try to chant nam myoho renge kyo! Trust me, you will feel the impact and miracle effect of it!

I will continue my daily practice starting from today to release my great inner potential! I strongly believed that I will fulfill my dreams with my strong determination!




Rumours are 

carried by HATERS

spread by FOOLS

and accepted by IDIOTS.


The road not taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


Jump high

Do not take the advice of those old sages and wait until you can "walk in confidently in the direction of your dreams."

If you do, you'll never take the first step. 

Instead, leap and learn to fly on the way down (and for the heaven's sake, please don't wait until you lose ten pounds!)

Now is the time to jump in with both feet, arms failing, hair flying, and screaming at the top of your lungs, "i can do this!"

You don't have to believe it..you just have to do it.

Follow your dreams




      在丈夫慈溪老家里,有一张两人共同睡过的大床,红木的床架上,镶嵌着一面椭圆形大镜子。她就是这样,日日望着两人的恩爱身影入睡,甚至在梦中醒来,都能看得到自己幸福的笑容。她固执地坚守着内心深处的高贵与骄傲,像不愿意看到自己真实的容颜一样,不愿意面对婚姻的污点。于她 而言,虚伪更像一种通透,因这世上许多的事情,愈是真实便愈显悲哀,愈是真性情愈是容易误入迷途。


Watch out!

Oh my, my beloved Tissot watch broken yesterday. As the chinese saying 舊的不去,新的不來
It's time to change a new watch! 

I have always been dreaming to have a good Swiss automatic watch. Although many may deny it, keeping track of the time is one of the primary considerations of a person. With so many things that must be accomplished in one day, it is necessary to constantly watch the time to make sure that everything is done on schedule. It is a necessity for us to conduct our daily life!

One of the most famous regions known for producing watches is Switzerland. They became famous for their watches over 500 years ago and continue to be a leader in the watch industry today. Although 500 years ago, their watches left a lot be be desired in accuracy, today they are nearly unrivaled in their reputation for timekeeping precision. It is a best gift for your love one!

Now, let me share with you why I adore a Swiss watch


An average watch buyer would select a watch in line with the title over its classification, however for a couple of, a carefully made automatic watch made of the best materials and through impeccable craftsmanship may be worth every buck. Swiss made watches brings together both technical and aesthetic quality that only keeps enhancing driven by its loyalty for ongoing innovation. The techniques are led by stringent methods and rules that ensures high-finished watches. The truth that it requires careful manual skill to place the pieces together, then rigorous testing has given clients that assurance of quality.

William Promote states, "Quality isn't any sort of accident it is usually caused by high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, it signifies the smart selection of many options.


Apart from the standard, Swiss watches will also be noted for its elegant and classic designs. Companies get their own distinct style wonderful it only playing inside the lines of sophisticated taste and brilliant designs together with the periodic conversational pieces.

The mechanism from the action also fascinates many how something could be forever drivin by the smallest actions. The thoroughly finished parts and gems that constitute the movement happen to be a skill by itself. Of these people, they value the careful thought and precise artistry that adopts the watches designs.


Swiss made watches, in whatever brand, holds many years of status of fine watch-making. SHould you read articles of any type of literature about watches, you would observe that these watches go far and beyond others due to their many years of uncompromised quality.


The Swiss watches' good status for good quality created watches that extend beyond a person's lifetime. For example with Patek Philippe their tagline goes: You won't ever really own a Patek Philippe. You basically take proper care of it for the following generation. This can be a testimony towards the sturdiness of those watches, along with the legacy of propert watch-making.

You better WATCH out!


The Philosophy of Golf

Golf can be enjoyable hobby to some, an obsession for others, even a religion to a dedicated few! 

For me, playing golf can be considered as life lessons! Life is like golf and golf is like life! Nobody is asking how you looked but what you shot. Arnold Palmer once said that golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening-and it is the greatest game mankind has ever invented.

The Golf Grip

Your golf grip forms the foundation of a good golf swing. It is because the grip is your only contact with the golf club and ultimately the golf ball. There are a few basic types of golf grip that is entirely based on your personal preference such as Interlocking Grip, Vardon Grip, Baseball Grip etc.

The holding golf grip is just like how you handling your work everyday. You will definitely need some tools or daily necessities in our daily life.

The Goal Setting

It is important for a golfer to set a desired results before they start the game. You need to first have target and visualize how you would like the ball to get to reach the target before every single swing. So begin by imagining a time in the future when you have already achieved your goal. Really be there and you have already done it. See what you would see, hear how would you hear and feel what you feel or even taste and smell what it's like.

Setting a target or having a dream is crucial for every individual. It is the motivative to push us to a higher level and ultimately achieve our goal. The most important thing is enjoying the process instead of glorious results. 

Swing it!

Golfer must put it to reach their goal by various techniques that required constant training and practices. This is the most challenging part in the entire game. Besides arming yourself with drive shot,lay up shot, chip shot or putting before you reach the hole, you must also encounter various obstacles such as the wind directions or bear with the scorching sun.

The constant practice is the only way to polish your skill and there is no short cut to it. Similarly, if you are not good in English, try to read or write an article everyday. Remember practice makes perfect! There is nothing you can't do without putting in effort.

Also, the strong wind is part of the obstacles we might face in our daily life. You will need to face the problems until you are used to it. With the acquisition of knowledge and skills, every shot can be approached with the expectation.

Majority of golfers have major problems with inconsistency that are detrimental to golfing success. Thus, it is vital to maintain a consistency and keeping you at the correct pathway. It is useless to win only ONE battle but lose in the rest battles. Thus, we must Focus on the correct timing to get straight ball flight and consistent direction.


Golf is such a competitive game, played closely between two people. That attitudes and personality enter into golf matches more than in any other sport. Your opponent and the other players see the way you behave on the course. They can be good friends but there can never be any friendly games. The competitors or opponents can undoubtedly motivated you to achieve a higher level. 

Attitude should be held towards winning and losing. Rudyard Kipling has said that one must treat those two imposters, victory and defeat as equals. There is no strongest person in the universe, anybody can be better than you on any given day. You must gracefully accept it and with quiet determination to do better next time. The ideal is to lose gracefully and to win graciously. Golf has so many ups and downs that a cocky golfer is out of place. This is one of the best lesson in playing golf.

Enjoy it!

People who enjoy the process can achieve the best results. If we can have fun,then it will be less tense in our minds. Tension or stress can be number one deterrent to further improvements. After all, playing golf and being forced to deal with our own failures really does mirror everyday!

Golf strengthens the heart, liberates poisons from the lungs and rids the body in a natural manner through the skin of acid deposits. It rejuvenates the mental powers as if by magic and is a sovereign balm for worry and anxiety.

In addition, the beautiful golf courses around the world is definitely a passion, obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand and water. 

Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship 

That is why i love GOLF!


A Professional Mistake

This is an AWESOME article written by Zewt!

Your alarm rings, signalling another brand new day. You get up, looking forward for another new day of challenge, another new day to learn. After washing up, you put on your office outfit, giving you that professional look, one that you believe many out there envy. Breakfast follows (perhaps), and you head off to your office. You’re one of the earliest to arrive, ahead of all your superior and when they come in later, they greet you and you feel all charged up for another productive day. Plenty to do and learn and hence, you are prepared to stay back late to do all that is necessary.

If you’re currently doing a degree in finance, accounting or law, the above is probably what you’ve been waiting for all these years. You work your ass off (well… most of you) in university because it’s your dream to join one of those big glamorous firms out there in the market. Lawyers and accountants are the usual suspects for this curse. Once graduated, all of them will run like headless chicken towards those big firms. If you’re an accounting student… you want to be an auditor in one of the Big-4 right?

Well, if you do make it, it’s like a dream come true. In such firms, you get a personal computer, maybe a notebook (wow!). All your stationeries are free, and it’s also the first time you step into a ‘pantry’, where you can make your own coffee, just like those nice offices in TVB series. Next, you get an exclusive e-mail, the domain after your name is not the ordinary @gmail.com or @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com… No, it’s not, it’s your-name@a-big-and-glamorous-firm.com. You can’t wait to tell that to your friend.

Then comes the feeling of giving a business card with your name on it, and it’s not any other business card, it’s one with your name on it, it’s one that signifies you’re an employee with a-big-and-glamorous-firm. And… the word below your name is not a lowly “accounts executive”… the word below your name is exclusive… the word below your name is… “Associate”. And when your friend gives you the “Wow, you’re an associate with this firm?”… you get into instant orgasm.

3 or 6 months into your job, you will then be experiencing the euphoria of saying… I-am-very-busy… I-have-a-lot-work… I-worked-till-very-late-last-night… I-can't-make-it-for-the-gathering-cos-I-have-to-work-this-weekend. Yeah, it’s an euphoria because to you, it’s a privilege to be busy, it’s very cool to work late, you’re very proud to work in during weekends. When you utter such words, a sense of arrogance and pride radiates from you. You feel great because working so hard means you learnt a lot of things, those not in the professional industry somehow looks lowly to you. You feel big, you feel you’re a level smarter than them .

Reality will tend to sink in within 2 years or so, though the duration seems to be getting shorter and shorter now with the younger generation.

First, you will probably ask yourself, how come a graduate like you must do all sorts of donkey jobs such as photocopying, checking invoices, going through pile and pile of documents and filing. You will also be wondering how come your superior whom you once looked up to have to suck up to clients. Oh yeah… mostall clients are unreasonable.

If you’re an accountant, you will probably realise that there is no such thing called a ‘balance’ sheet. It’s balanced because you did the balancing act so that your big boss can sign on it and certify it as ‘true and fair’. Yeah… signing on accounts, the job that you once dreamed of… isn’t exactly all a bed of roses. You then realise that you will probably never reach that “just-need-to-sign-only stage” but hey… it’s ok, you probably hate that job by now. When you tell your client something, chances are you are just as blur and confuse as them. But you have to act as though you’re an expert because you’re the con-sul-tant. This is just a glimpse of it.

Now, all the late nights and irregular meals will probably caused you to age 8 years in 2 years. Those I-am-very-busy… I-have-a-lot-work… I-worked-till-very-late-last-night… I-can't-make-it-for-the-gathering-cos-I-have-to-work-this-weekend will take its toll on your body and it will show. You will probably look very skinny… or very far… you will certainly look old and worn out. Working late and spending weekends in the office is no longer a cool thing but absolute stupidity. But hey… you will still have to do it, because there’s still much work to be done.

By now, all your friends who ended up as salesmen or doing other thing except being a professional, those whom you felt superior to are driving anything but a proton. But for you, it’s time to think whether you should buy a proton cause your perodua is beginning to give you problem. Of course, if your father is well-connected fella, things can be different. But if you’re not, tough luck. You’ll be wondering how come you’re generally under-paid. Those exposure and learning curve that you once craved are no longer relevant. You want to make more money. But unless you’re a partner of the glamorous firm, money can be a lil tough to come by.

At this point of time, probably after 3, 4 or 5 years, you finally realised 
that document you signed when you first joined the glamorous firm was nothing but lies. Then, you decide to ply your trade in the commercial world, you leave those glamorous firm. You think joining a commercial firm will bring about a good change, not knowing that such move means you switched from being a ‘profit centre’ to a ‘cost centre’. One of the main effect of the switch is that you will be working doubly hard compared to the profit centre, which probably includes a lot of late nights too… but your salary and bonus is much lower compared to profit centre. What does this mean… a story for another time.

One thing for sure… your morning will now be something like…

Your alarm rings, signalling another day… another weekday. You get up, after snoozing the alarm a million and one times. You hope today is Friday, but it’s not, and you feel like shit. You think of a million and one reasons to take MC, but you realised you have to go to office because you failed to finish the report due today though you stayed till 10pm last night. You tell yourself you need to change job, just like how you have been telling yourself in the last 1 year. Once in office, you’re in a dilemma cause you want time to go slower so that you can finish your work but yet, you want time to go faster so that you can leave the office and go for lunch.

During lunch, you will bitch with your colleagues about work and probably the bosses. You will all talk about so many people who seem to be doing so well except for you. You realised you should have done something else while in university. You realised you may have made a mistake in life… a mistake in being a professional… you have made… a professional mistake.


Madam Kwan's KLCC

Madam Kwan's is one of the famous restaurant in Malaysia that serves a variety of Malaysian dishes in a clean atmosphere. Madam Kwan is located at KLCC, MidValley, Pavillion, Klang Valley and Bangsar.

The nasi lemak is one of the signature dish at Madam Kwan's. I think this place is suitable for your foreign friends to try our local dishes because it is less spicy. But in my opinion there are many other shops including Mamak stall serves better nasi lemak compared to Madam Kwan's.

Nasi Bojari is worth trying because it comes with perfectly blended spices of coloured rice, shredded beef rendang/chicken rendang, assam prawns, boiled egg, slices of tomato and cucumber.

I love their Cendol! 

Do not come here if you are in rush. It is because there are many people queuing up to be seated during lunch hour. We came to Madam Kwan's before 12pm to avoid crowded scenario at KLCC.

When we came out from Madam Kwan's, a huge Miss Kwan's mini shop had caught my eyesight too! I should try it next time hehe :D


What do we really want?

Exam scores are widely accepted in our country as a measure of student's ability. But the expressed purpose of education is to help prepare students to be successful in life, to protect their own health development and learning. There is significance evidence that lecturers raise test score to meet the true purpose of education and fulfill the needs of society. However it fails to promote the pleasure in learning. Test driven and spoon-fed can not enrich students nor motivate them to learn how to behave and perseverance to succeed in school. 

What is the real purpose of education and what do we really want from it?

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