Visa One Stop Centre

Are you facing the same Visa application problem with me if you are a travelholic? The cumbersome and complicated Visa application can really kill my mood to travel abroad. Sometimes the embassy website did not clearly state the correct procedure to apply for it especially when you are going for a foreign country which you have no idea about their language.

The online visa application one stop centre: www.evisaasia.com is really awesome! It helps me to obtain my visa within a second in front of my laptop/iPhone without undergoing the hassle to the Embassy! :D

Check it out! It will definitely solve your problems in visa application to different countries in the world!



MMU law juniors wanted.

I've a sudden thought of creating a buddy system! 

I am really grateful for some awesome seniors that have given me countless advice in my studies before. It's time to repay their greatness to "torture" some juniors hahaha! Maybe due to my inactivity in law school, I do not know much of my juniors in law school. I will start looking for some cute juniors to be my successor yay!

A buddy system is a form of family, where a senior (like me) act as guides for junior or new students. I think it is necessary to create an informal pastoral care system where juniors can seek advice for how to approach reading law, most importantly gossips about law lecturers, giving advice on what books are essential for studies, offering to help prepare examination, sharing my previous notes and tutorial answers, legal attachment, subjects selection, and sharing any problems without having access to lecturer whom may not be as friendly as me LMAO! *syiok sendiri* It will be great for the juniors and seniors to mix together by organising different social events for buddy families too!

Let's hope for the formation of my buddy family :D


Best Quotes of Olympic

"Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts"

But I felt that the real capabilities as well illustrated in Usain Bolts will win both medal and heart!
The true power! The King!

See you Brazil 2016!
I can't wait to witness the first ever gold medal from Malaysia!
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