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@Aqiya: Can we dream big again next sem? I want to make sure my hair can grow longer successfully!



Swipe, swipe, swipe!

I reflect how I used to swipe my credit card without thinking how difficult to earn money.

I had my first working job in a tuition centre. The teaching life was quite easy because we were only required to follow the syllabus given and to supervise the kids with their home works. Right after I finished my pre-university exam, I worked at a newly opened McDonald's drive thru nearby my house. Although I am basically organising parties, taking orders, talking to the customers, preparing burgers, ice cream, french fries and even washed the toilets, I had so much fun with my peers. Then, I got a Google part time job to collect the Malay native voice for the Android developments.

The legal internship is my first time I working so far away from my home. The allowances given is also the lowest ever. However I consider myself paying to the company to learn the practical knowledge and experiences that is priceless. (trying to find thousand reasons to make myself feeling better *pat pat*) Notwithstanding the previous working experiences I had, my internship in a law firm helped me in character building, made me to understand the value of money and indirectly helps to curb excessive spending too!

Yesterday, I went to the Gardens MidValley to catch up with my friend. As usual we went shopping after lunch. All the dresses this season are stunning. I used to buy something I like but when I shopped yesterday, I looked at the price tag and start calculating how many hours I work to buy a dress. The dresses I love is worth more than one month salary, is it worth? NO! Chuck it.

I am becoming more and more kiamsiap (stingy) lately. I start to compare prices for my daily necessities and opt for the cheaper products. This is a miracle! I made a point to only spend 80% of my pay check (my paycheck is truly kesian) and do not touch the remaining 20%. I think it is an effective method to make sure you don't spend beyond what you earn.

In order to monitor my spending, I only joined my seniors or friends to the nice restaurants every friday. It is because every meal in KL cost around 30 bucks, I will be definitely broke and pokkai if I join them to the classy restaurant everyday. Can you imagine that I lose 4KGs in a month? hehe :D

I remembered my previous concept about money is to earn more money instead of to save more money. But I'm unable to earn that much in my current stage so I've changed my mind to save more money and keep an eye on every single cent I spent.

Do you think I'm KIAMSIAP? Anyway I think it's a good change and my parents must be very proud of me!
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