Stand up

I am not being nominated - AGAIN. although I am quite confident with my performance

But surprisingly I do not drop any single tear, brave girl :)

"Stand up and walk out of your history"

Who knows after 5 years they keep invite me to go until I have to consider for their offer. Cool!

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Things change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small town girl in a big world trying to fulfill my dreamsss! May all your dreams come true ;)


  1. What thing that knocks you down?

  2. http://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/december/aaker-marrow-registry-121610.html

    explore o discover

  3. SOFT BONE- erm..I cant go somewhere I wanna go. But I will go next time with my strong desire haha!


  4. why keep calling me soft bone -.- if u want i can train you to be like me, or even better than me, i know the way to train flexibility, what about that? XD

    from the link posted by the above...seems like u wana study oversea?

  5. SOFT BONE!! This name suits u perfectly!

    My jaw always drop whenever I saw u stretching! Brilliant!!
    U learned wushu before?

    How to train my flexibility o? Those aunties ama better flexibility than me in Yoga Class zzz

    How to train leh?

    Hmmm~haha! I always wanted to go USA, day dreaming zzz

  6. nonono so called 'SOFT BONE' is not suitable! it's not the 'Bone' matter but it's the tendons and ligaments lahh~

    Actually i plan to keep this as secret to master chia until i've done the coco final exam. i never learned wushu. i learn taekwondo(GTF) for 7 years and karate for 6 years plus.

    i can only teach u the way to stretch but it's still very much depends on ur Determination! u nit to do splitting(sideway, front with both legs) for at least 10min+ EVERYDAY. No way to avoid the Pain, learn how to Tolerate it and Love it(well it train ur mentality too in some manner i think)! but there r still some methods that can slightly reduce the pain, and to do it correctly in order to avoid serious injuries!

    Hahaha, those aunties are NOTHING lah, You can beat them one!

    I think i explain it to u nex tuesday lah to make a clearer explainations, cuz my english is not gud enuf to express myself here :(

    Owhh...no wonder ur english is sooo gud! well i wish to go to USA someday too, but i dun have money and probably i os need a good chance to realize it~

  7. WOW!

    Such a long comments ya!! Happy Happy coz i like comments very much! hehe

    WOW!!! I thought u learned Wushu or other martial arts but never expect u learned Taekwondo before!!

    I reckon you are black belt now?? Anyone else asked you about your previous experience coz you are too outstanding LAH!

    Well I try my best to stretch 5 mins first coz my bone too hard! 老了。。

    okok! u teach me next week ;))) Your English is good! I can understand

    Well, I am not good in English, always scolded by my lecturer @@

    Yes lets fulfill our dreams ya!! Be faith in yourself!

  8. Haha, what kind of comment you like? I always crap a lot with people one XD

    Can do split only not meaning that im outstanding mahh... There are many things need to learn in martial arts, not only split leh...

    Ya spend a little time everyday to stretch your leg and waist, these things help a lots in doing your kicks!

    Ok i try my best to let you know lah, cant say teach lah cuz im still learner, not instructor yet :D

    What course you take? I never seen anyone scolded by the lecturer because of bad english...??

    So have you been to USA?

  9. As long as it is comment then I like lah! It is sorts of encouragement that cheer me up XD But I dont think you always crap haha

    Oh man! Split is the first step to enhance the flexibility and ya doing great ^^ OK I will try! haha! Soft Bone Shifu hah

    I am reading law, my court report always rejected by lecturer zzz...

    I havent been to USA, but I hope so!

    Where do you wish to go? the first choice?

  10. Ohh like that also can cheer you?? I crap a lot, Always and alot, juz that you dont know me enough XD

    Hmm...yeah doing leg split can enhance flexibility, but flexibity also include the waist(which i'm weak in), joints and etc. To do a kick nicely, fast, and powerful it includes the muscle strength of your stomach, lower back, and leg muscles group; If you want to apply it on sparring things even get more complicated, the perception of range, timing...bla bla bla

    dont call me sifu lah, im not qualified to be called liddat yet-.- it's common to share things between members, even junior belts share their knowledge with me in karate :)

    Oh you are law student! Law is an uneasy course! If i take this course i will suffered till dead!

    USA is a nice place, full of chances, yet the shortcoming is a little racial discrimination there and the high criminal rate for some states:( am i right?

    Currently i hvnt planned to work at any country yet, but if you mean travelling yea i wish to travel to Japan(i have one penpal there and i wish to pay her a visit), some europeans countries(seem romantic^^), and USA, too!

  11. If you dont like Soft Bone, what about "craB" haha! it fits u ;ppp

    wow! thats a lot of knowledge in flexibility i pengsan @@

    I cough cough cough til my lung wanna cough out dy. Ytd whole night din sleep well ;(((

  12. haizz why must you use those weird name to describe me lahh...im not soft bone, bcuz my bone is still tough, and im nt crab, sifu, weirdo...or whatsoever-.- my name is yue hang(宇航), call me liddat nex time will do!!

    Yeah there are too many things to learn in martial arts, and flexibility just play a small part only :D so dont quit martial arts after this semester, a lot more to learn!

    Ohh, insomnia? Pity you T.T I slept at around 4-7am every 'night'(should be called morning liao>.<)for more than two weeks ady, so my health is not gud either. As long as you dont have any assignment to rush for, just get to sleep early!!

  13. okok! I "TRY MY BEST" to call you 宇航

    But Yue Hang suppose to be = 月航 if translate literally ;pp

    I prefer yoga but our MMU yoga instructor not pro. Martial Arts too violence if going to higher level, I think.

    I am soooo amazed by your super power! Are you taking a nap in the afternoon? Take care ya! Your organss need to rest at night. Try to love them all and sleep early!

    Night ;)

  14. seems like you still insist to gimme a weird name-.-

    i dont know anything about mmu yoga class. lol many people have this kind of wrong perception lah, when you come to a certain level of cuz you need to do sth that suit your level. same thing as in study, when you were form 1 you wouldnt understand form 5 math, you think that it's too difficult and scary~~but when you reach form 5 you already have to ability so you would find it actually not that difficult XDD every pro, all started from zero, blank paper. it's the efforts that make them pro.

    not reli super power, it's kinda habit to me already, so im quite used to it. yeah i do take nap, usually 1 to 2 hours(sometimes no at all)), depends on the free time available of that day. I cant do anything with that, it's the schedules that force me to have an abnormal biological clock.

  15. Cute name mah, feel more friendly hehe! trust me your bone is softer than the trainer in our class eg Lim/Ben!! Woots!
    Why never think of joining taekwondo club?

    Icic~but even defence made me bruise sometimes hmm~
    I always knocked here knocked there. Blur -.-

    But try to sleep earlier la coz your liver wanna rest yo! Then wake up earlier like me ^^

  16. T.T
    Ok lah watever you like to call just call lah... but dont be too weird lah! Again it's not the bone matter, it's the tendons and ligaments! While "soft bone" is another story, lack of calcium i would say, which mean got problem lah!-.- No lah they are quite good also, maybe i'm just a bit more flexible than them doesnt mean that i'm better than them in general~~

    Why not joining taekwondo club? I love good question. Well, one of the reasons is that my friend was karate club president last year, so i joined them. Another reason is that by learning different arts i can complete my skill, to be frank, my punches sux in sparring, couldnt use punches well, no perception of timing, range, angles...so i do improve a bit by training with the karate members there:D

    Don't be afraid of getting hurt in training, it's a process. Ya I realize that most of the people nowadays they afraid of this stuff, even guys, sad case. I suffered uncountable injuries throughout these years of practicing, and I feel good!

    Biggest joke! sleeping early wont happen to me! now busy for assignments, later busy studying for final, no way!


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