The 3 Idiots!!

Thank you Cheeda and other friends who recommended me to watch this awesome and meaningful movie!! 

I was outdated since This movie had been released on 2009, but it is still worth watching!!

I realized that Bollywood movie is much more meaningful than the Korean Drama that I have learned nothing except looking at gorgeous girl and handsome guy, a rich guy love a poor girl *typical Korean Love Story*

For Those who havent watch any Hindi Movie yet, I highly recommend all of you to watch this one!! 

Clock wise from the upper right-Rancho(Aamir Khan), Pia(Kareena Kapoor), 
Farhan(R Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi)

Bravo!! I had a wonderful experience watching this awesome movie. 3 Idiots takes the plot much beyond the campus confines and the target audience much above the youth, for universal appeal. The story starts a decade after the graduation of college companions Farhan (R Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) who get a clue on the whereabouts of their missing third friend Rancho (Aamir Khan). As they set out on a road trip from Delhi to Shimla to Manali to Ladakh to find their friend, the narrative cuts to and fro into flashbacks as we are introduced to the three idiots in an engineering college. 

Rancho clearly is different from anyone else in the college with his individualistic thought-process and rebellious attitude, which invites the ire of the college principal (Boman Irani) and affection of his daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor). 

crazy college principal Boman Irani

The irrepressible free-thinker Rancho the character most probably inspired by Hollywood great Robbin Williams well Rajkumar Hirani’s fascination with this pleasant character never ends nor does the charm of this genius who thinks out of the box and captures heart in a unique way and changes their lives.

Perhaps the most-satisfying aspect of '3 Idiots’ is how it provides an insight into the pressure system prevalent in the society within the survival conflicts that ignores the true calibre and results in end of a deserving life. This movie presents us with insights into the education system of this country through flashback sequences of brilliantly executed campus sequences, the Chamatkar Balatkar speech on Teacher’s day and the ragging with the pants down jahahpanah act becoming the major highlights!! Haha! This comedy is soo funny and never fails to entertain throughout the movie! But please prepare more tissue too for the touching part!

The friendship between the 3 makes some sensitive points like the class divide telling it in a light hearted manner like the melodramatic introduction of Sharman’s family in black and white which is just brilliant.

The movie then looks into more border perspective from here and starts talking about the true definition of excellence and following your heart without worrying about success as it will come again and again on your path of excellence.

But all said and done, ‘3 Idiots’ is one of those cinematic joys that deliver most of its pleasure through a combination of rich character development and fantastic performances that comes with a message!!

I love it sooo much and will watch it again and AGAIN!!


  1. never got the chance to watch this when it released in my country although i am extremely appreciative of indian comedies. thanks for writing this! i'm gonna look for it on dvd now lol

  2. sugarmouse you should look for it asap lol!! Its a nice piece of Indian comedies <3

    Hey I still cant enlarge my video, how to click embed and where can I find the code? hehe!

    Thanks ya!

  3. hmm... it should be there! (the option to enlarge the video clip you want to embed) when you click on "embed video", there are several options of window-size for you to select. otherwise, you can just edit the html code on your own. click on the edit html tab in your blogpost composer and change the values accordingly. hopefully it helps?

    btw thanks for coming by my site (: and yes, i should remember to take (and post) more photos!! lol.

  4. ..i <3 to wAtch it..
    gandA sObrA


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