A Letter From Sleep

Dear Mei Mei,

I am starting to feel neglected. I always wanted to be the most important part of your life. But recently, I feel like you keep pushing me aside to make time for your other "priorities" such as partying, video editing, blogging, gathering instead of studying for your final exam. And when we do spend time together, you are always late. Most nights, we don't even meet up until like 2 a.m. compared to 11.00 p.m last time. What kind of relationship is that?!!?

Sure, we spend some quality time together on weekends, but I am getting sick of being your two-days-a-week fling! Saturday and Sunday just aren't enough anymore! you need to make time for me on weeknight. We should meet Seven to eight hours everyday! But at least six hours per day OK?

I miss for the days when we would curl up in bed together, pajamas on, lights off, no distractions. Now, I am lucky if you remember to brush your teeth =s

I know you are busy, and I know that I am not the most exciting thing in your life, anymore. But I truly do believe you are better off with me. You are happier, healthier, more alert, better memory and "pimples free" if you spend more time with me!! You keep blaming exams and schoolwork for your inattention, but the truth is your grades will improve when we hang out more! I miss you, but I hope this letter will remind you that I will always be there for you *shy*

Besides, I know you miss me too. You know how great we are together. Let's face it. I bring out the best in you, and you are lucky to be with me. Some people lie awake in bed for hours every night, wondering if they will ever find me. But I am confident we can make this work. You just need to rethink your to-do list a bit and balance to your life.

Come on, I know you want me, you just have to work a little harder for it! Don't meet me too late after the Debate Seminar at the campus these two days OK?

I promise to give you super power to enhance your memory for your final exam if you meet me at 11.00 p.m. every night!

P/S : Thank you the present-latest dress(bedsheet) that you have bought for me this Chinese New Year! I like it very much! Remember to find those cute giraffe/star dresses for me when you go shopping next time, OK??




  1. hahaha, then u must start to sleep early ady la XD
    ppl complaining bout u ady =P

  2. siang what about you? sure sama sama one keke ;p

  3. haha this is so cute!
    Btw, 性格分裂嗎? LOL

  4. mine din complain one, coz i go to bed early =P

  5. siang cheating!! your early is 1am right?

    aqiya, 你今天才發現我性格分裂?哈哈哈

    anonymous-Thank you!

  6. where got lo, my latest is 1am =D then i'll go to bed ady.. hahaha =P

  7. oh my gosh cuteeeeeee!hahaha rest more ya theng ying! =D


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