The Reason why iPhone alarm is not functioning in 2011


Mr Steve had given a biggest "gift" for all the iPhone users in 2011
The reason why iPhone alarm is not functioning in 1/1/11 is because he wants all the iFans to....

"Have a nice dream" zzz...

All the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 doesn't function correctly for the alarm system 

but surprisingly my "Best Alarm Application" downloaded from Apps Store can be functioning well!

According to 9-5mac.com, anybody who sets an alarm just for tomorrow won’t be woken up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application. To avoid this issue you need to set a recurring alarm by tapping repeat to select the days you want the alarm to go off on. Apple is yet to say anything and it is still unknown whether this is iOS 4.2.1 only or if it affects past system versions too. Be sure to tell everyone you know with iPhones! iPhone alarm clock issue fixes itself on January 3rd 2011.

The solutions will be
  • Tap Clock
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap your alarm
  • Tap Repeat
  • Set a repeat interval
  • Tap Save
There are some posts in apple forum stated that Failure dates verified are:

Sat 1 Jan 2011

Sun 2 Jan 2011

Sun 1 Jan 2012

Sun 1 Jan 2017

Sat 1 Jan 2022

Sun 2 Jan 2022

(So be prepared with double or triple alarms in the morning)

I am quite disappointed that the alarm systems in iPhone or iPod Touch could not function properly! Its time to throw bad apple away!

Latest report: 2nd Feb 2011. 11.45a.m. (+8)
My iPhone suddenly blinking and produce a lots of noise while charging! Never experienced this situation before.
Then my Alarm Function has recovered!!! Miracle huh!


  1. Another scheme for world domination? Wahaha!

  2. haha!!

    Wow Ben I cant believe ya Yui lover too <3

  3. YUI!

    Got influenced by her songs and ultimately that's what made me pick up guitar. She's been dormant for a few years back but she stays awesome forevaa!

    Have you watched Taiyou No Uta, the movie she starred on?

  4. I cant believe I found someone influenced by her songs!! Coz most of my friends are Korean Fans!

    Yeap I watched that movie!!! Goodbye days <3

    Laugh Away, I'll Be, Skyline, Crossroad, Life, Cherry, Thank you my teens and etc are my FAVOURITE!

    What about you??

  5. Holyyy...all that you mentioned are all my favs too!

    And there's It's Happy Line, Life, Tokyo, Tommorow's Way, Feel My Soul, Jam erm erm erm..damn, there's just too many. Hahaha.

    Goodbye Days is such a classic that it always reminded me of her cringing face she makes when she hits the high notes.

    Just got her latest single, Rain. Not bad at all. Listenable and keeps your head thumping.

    Screw Korean pop. Okay maybe not all. lol.

  6. Wow!! Feel My Soul <3

    I go to check it out her single, u downloaded dy?

    Some korean pop are awesome and handsome too lol

    where are u studying?

  7. Yup, downloaded it. Lovin' it XD

    And the korean girls are pretty too, so I heard. lol.

    I'm studying in nottingham uni, malaysia campus. lol. 2nd year chemical engineering.

    I saw from your previous post that you're from cambridge uni. Awesome! How is it over there?

  8. Wooohoo! Illegal Downloading huh XD

    Korean Girls are definitely pretty!! u should check them up!

    I just came back from Cambridge for a short exchange, yeap awesome!

    So when are u going to Nott UK Campus? Mr Engine? lol

  9. Nope. Not going there anytime soon. Going to complete my entire degree studies in malaysia. Would love to visit there sometime though.

    And Mr Engine is a really unexpected weird name. lol. Do you always make up nicknames for people?

  10. Icic, Nott is a good place to study ya ^^

    How did you know I like to make up nicknames? Coz many friends called Benjamin. Benjamin Loh, Kon, Lim etcetc.

    So I create a unique name for you! I know u love it hehe XD

  11. lol. 12 comments and most of them are not related to Steve Jobs.

    Whenever I think of Kon, I think of Kon in Bleach XD.

    But I don't have a nickname for you...hmm...ok I'll call you Mei Mo! Hahahahaha!

  12. En.(Engine) Ben,

    Mei Mo -.- I think of finding NeMo...
    Dare to say again if you don't wanna live longer! ;p

    Just ignore Steve, crap! haha

    Wow I cough the whole night, cant sleep zzz

  13. Hahaha, how about MeiMi? XD Doesn't sound like NeMo.

    Ish, 'En. Ben'. Now you have upgraded my nickname.

    Cough? What happened? Because of the weather? I'm sneezing here because it's cold everyday!

    Maybe can try drinking honey to relief the cough.

  14. MeiMi~are you calling your mommi =s I am not that old having you such a BIG son!

    Hmm~ upgraded dy! En. Ben Chang chang ;pp

    Many friends got sick lately, I got infected ops! ya my room has free "air corn" everyday too...

    Drinking honey can relief cough?? Have you tried it before? I don't have honey now, gotto buy it soon xp
    *your responsibility if honey is not effective LOL*

  15. Okay okay...then change your name to M&M. It's simpler. lol.

    M&M! Honey is always good for your health. If I cannot guarantee then you can ask all the other doctors in the world! haha!

    Have you listened to chAngE by Miwa?

    And do you play any instruments? Violin? Piano? Guitar?
    M&M? XD

  16. M&M oh nom nom Xd

    All right I will try to take honey *cough cough*

    I haven't listen to change by Miwa, nice?

    Oooo, i play Guzheng & sing lady gaga song lol!!

    Will post it next time ;pp


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