Relationship x Friendship

One of the best things about college is the opportunity to meet new people, and you will have tons of chances to make new friends and date types of people you’ve never been with before. One thing that takes some effort, though, is making sure you are treating your best friend since freshman year just as well as your current flame. Remember, relationships can fade, but good friends never have to. So, here are a few ways to keep you from neglecting those all-important friendships.
Check In with Friends
The best way to make sure your bond is still strong is to actually communicate. Bring up the fact that you’ve been spending a lot of time with your current boyfriend or girlfriend, and see what your friend says. There is no harm in asking them if they miss hanging out. If the answer is yes, then take some extra time for them.
Watch for Warning Signs
Even if your friends don’t outright say that you’ve turned into a total hermit, leave yourself open to taking the hint. If they’re constantly ribbing you for bumming out of poker night or skipping the movies with them, or if they seem a little short or put off when you talk, change your new routine one night and give those friends a much-needed visit.
Hang with Friends for a Relationship Break
Use time with your friends as a breather from your relationships. While you definitely need to spend the appropriate amount of time dishing on how things are going, remember to talk to your friends about things other than your relationship. This will help you stay a little more in touch with reality and be a better friend and boyfriend.
Keep Your Routines
If you had a routine in place before you got together with your girlfriend, don’t break it now. It’s important to keep doing the things you liked to do when you were single, or you could start to loose important parts of what made you special to your significant other in the first place. You also shouldn’t let your friends down just because you’re attached at the hip. If Friday is always girls’ night, don’t change it. Or if you always watch the playoffs with the boys, why stop now?
Mix and Match
You know, you can hang out with both your significant other and your friends at the same time, too. Don’t, of course, drag your girlfriend to watch a game of touch football that she has no interest in or make your boyfriend come shopping with you and your friends if he hates the mall, but you can all go out to restaurants, movies, or bars together and fit in some quality time for everyone.

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