Be Careful When Facebook with Lecturer

Wow! There are increasing number of Elderly playing Facebook!! For instance my mum, Auntie, Uncle, Lecturer and Even PROFESSOR!

Well, There are a few tips that you need to know if you communicate with your lecturer/professor in the virtual communication.

Be Responsible
Professors have very little time on their hands, and you should take this into consideration when contacting them. Always take the time to think about what you can do to figure out a problem on your own before asking for help. If you can actually find the changes to the reading assignment on your own, this will save your professor time and free you up to feel more comfortable contacting him or her with a more pressing matter. In other words, don’t bug your professor! Only contact them when you absolutely need them.
Be Respectful
When emailing or chatting with a professor, address them by their title (i.e. Dr. Brown or Professor Brown), unless you are already on a first name basis. Even so, when things are in writing, it’s always good to be more formal than not. You can always gear down the formality as you build a relationship online. Also, contact your professors by the medium they lay out in the syllabus or mention in class. Don’t friend your professor on Facebook and start messaging them with class questions.
Use Correct Grammar
Resist the urge to type an email to your professor in the same format as you would a friend. Don’t use shortened words (like plz and thx,) or acronyms (like LOL). You should also capitalize appropriately, and never write an entire email in lower case. If your professor writes you back in lower case, then you can switch to the same level of informality, but make sure your grammar is up to par when first contacting a professor.
Keep Drama to Yourself
It may seem more inviting online to be open with your professor about what’s going on in your life. But, don’t make the mistake of divulging unnecessary or potentially awkward information to your professor. Your prof doesn’t really need to know about the state of your relationship or what you had for lunch. Although online communication is generally less formal, don’t get carried away and talk to your professor as if they’re a peer.

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  1. I am a lecturer and have been on fb for 2 years and so with many of my students added as friends.
    No issues and they are great even on fb.


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