The Mystery of Vampire

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Underworld and all the vampire stories lately had influenced the youth entered in the age of vampires. Blood suckers are popping out everywhere!!

Vampires, in myths and tales, are immortal, bloodthirsty creatures who stalk and kill humans and drink their blood to obtain the energy they need to stay alive. For centuries, literature and movies have portrayed vampires as such. Oh the other hand, real Vampires are not like that at all. There are even some Vampires that choose to spell it "Vampyre" and with using the alternative spelling hope to differentiate themselves from the mythical Vampires.

Real Vampires are not immortal. They are not allergic to sunlight, silver, or garlic, or holy objects and a steak through the heart will kill anyone. In fact, a lot of vampires are Christian, so religion has nothing to do with vampirism. 

Vampires are completely human, except for a few traits. They tend to heal faster than humans and they need extra energy from a source other than food. Now when i say "need" i do not mean if they dont get this extra energy that they will die.

In most of Europe during the dark ages there was great fear of vampires and many people were executed for being a vampire. Many people took to burying their love ones up side down so that if they turned into a vampire and tried to dig out of the coffin they would dig down instead of up.

Some people even in present day Europe hang garlic over their door ways to keep vampires away. There is also a legend in Europe that if you have a cat living in the house that vampires will avoid your house. You can also leave a dish of dry rice or mustard seed outside your door and a vampire will have to stop and count them before it can move on. 

Anyway I don't think vampire exist in the world anymore. But who knows they might be a few living in the society? Working as a normal person? Going to school? Or even your friends?? Haha!! 

What say you?


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