Latest iPhone 2011

Wow! I finally tried Face Time today!! =D

Yes! The latest iPhone 4g or iPhone 5 will be definitely release in 2011! The aluminium material is definitely more durable and classic compared to the previous iPhone. I believed the latest invention of Steve Jobs will create another iPhone tsunami all around the world! 

I hope the future iPhone can be more user friendly by transferring data such as songs/photos/docs to other phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc). The bluetooth device shall be improved. 

Also, I hope there will be a folder system in iPhone that can classify our message/docs easily!

How good if the latest iPhone provide us unlimited theme for FREE!! haha!


I tried to video call my friend today in the condition that both phones had connected to internet wifi ;))))

The rate of face time is higher than the ordinary phone calls by 10 cents/minute

There are also other applications such as Skype, Tango, Fring or Viber to use face time FREE OF CHARGE!

I should try it next time!!

Happy ^^

Num Fung


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