Super Virus. Super Scary.

I have super virus.

The symptoms are: Sore throat, Fever, Cough, Sneeze, Bone Ache, Headache, Dizzy, Spinning Head, Vomit, Cold Sweat, Red Spot in my palm and feet.

The main problem is this virus will still exist after taken medication. I have tried both Chinese traditional medication and also antibiotic.

Still useless.

After 2 weeks. I am getting better.

But my virus had affected my family and my boy.

My mum was infected by me too. She dizzy vomit fever etc. She pengsan and felt down yesterday.
Luckily I was at home. Luckily I was at downstair. Luckily I didn't go to KL.
So I can help my mum immediately.

I have never seen sooo many blood in my life! The blood that I saw in blood donation is totally different. This is all splashing on the floor. Too much. Too scary.
When I clean up the floor for several times-It was similar to the murder scene portrayed in CSI-similar to the criminal law question-to clean up the scene. OMG =/

The blood was too much! Use two clothes to Clean 2 times also cannot clean. 
The blood can fly to one meter far. It was scary. Eee meng!

I hope everyone can be healthy and recover soon,
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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