Lena Young 楊元寧

Lena Young-She is the grand-daughter of 王永慶 (the business genius in Taiwan) Let me briefly tell you about Lena' achievements.

She is double doctorate degree holder. Also, she is studying in the Harvard University. Besides studying, she actively participating in charity work in different countries. Doing charity is her motivation (it is exactly the same as mine!!haha). Lena read a lots of the philosophy books from Lao-zhi and others. She had written many books too. Procrastination will never happen in her life. She always prepare everything early. Never do last minute work. One thing that needed to be mention is that she had a very good education from her family. 

Although she is super wealthy, but she had no interested in shopping. Instead, she fully utilize her time to read and doing charity. Lets ponder, sometimes I think myself has been influenced by my friends to buy unnecessary stuff. We shouldn't be so materialistic. Instead I should also learn from Lena, use your things until it is broken. Don't waste money. I can buy whatever I want in the near future. I need wisdom to think of some business opportunities! I want to contribute to humanity! 

I want to live my university life to the fullest and never regret! 

Just do it!

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