New Semester. New Breath. New Hope. New Me.

Another brand new semester is coming. I am anticipating for the new beginning. 
What is your target for the new semester?

The result for last semester is going to release soon! Can I still maintain first class? Can I create my experience to share successfully? I am sooo hoping to prove myself and others that :
 "you can do it! Just keep holding on and have strong faith on your undertakings"

"Calm Sea never makes strong sailors." I totally agree with it. However, it doesn't harm if you choose to rest at the harbour, after a long and tedious ride on the wave =)
 "Luck doesn't travel in hopes; luck travels through endless nights of persistence."

Persistence and determination is my biggest enemy. Once I concur it, I believed that I can do everything perfectly. I have a few things need to do in new semester.

  1. Chanting-at least 20 mins per day-with faith-with power-release my buddhahood and potential
  2. Exercise- twice a week to maintain fitness. Good health and great mind
  3. Reading- read Guardian/news/blog/journal and write synopsis after reading it. MUST improve my english!!
  4. Writing- Must blogging. Write more to improve my writing skills. Research mooting. Write write write quality article.

I doesn't involve much in extra-curricular activities this semester except Robotics club. The major target for this semester is to improve my reading + writing + speaking skills. I need to train myself in order to become extraordinary. Remember practice makes perfect. Just spend more time in improving yourself instead of watching drama! Remember one have unlimited potential. I want to release my full potential!

Save money for your vacation next year to Korea/Australia/HK/China/USA. Just do it!

Treat everyone sincerely. Teach them with my ability. Selfishness. Bring them happiness

Need some luck for my USA 2011. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Run baby run, don't ever look back!

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