Wikipedia blackout!

Today, Wikipedia goes black for 24 hours to protest the legislation being proposed by the US Congress- Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) 

SOPA and PIPA are senate bills to stop the illegal copying of movies or music, something that Hollywood studios, music publishers and many others believe is threatening their business. 

The introduction of both SOPA and PIPA had raised many objections such as Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr because the two bills would force them to be online police and hold them responsible if users of their sites like a pirated content.

Although these bills were proposed by the US senate, however the tremendous effect may affect the Internet users all around the world. This extreme Intellectual Property protection will affect the freedom of expressions of the Internet users.

"While I support their goal of reducing copyright infringement(which I do not believe these acts would accomplish), I am shocked that our lawmakers would contemplate such measures that would put us on par with the most oppressive nations in the world," said Sergey Brin,  one of the co-founders of Google.

The proposal has become a battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. NetCoalition said an Internet blackout would obviously be both drastic and unprecedented. We hope that the Senate will cancel its scheduled vote on PIPA and SOPA!

Check it out the link below for more understanding of the effect of SOPA and PIPA

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