Quick Hello!

Hi all,

I just wanted to quickly write and say hello to you guys!

Chinese New Year 123 is drawing to a close as I write this, and it makes me excited! I like CNY, there are so many things I associate with CNY that I like, gathering, foodie, ang pow, relaxing etc etc!

I just went to the CNY extravaganza at president square last night, VVIP Datuk Ng came to our campus yesterday and gave a longggg lecture-about how government spent millions in creating FB page and misstated steve jobs as "jobs steve", 船到桥头自然直 as 桥到船头自然直! Bravo~ I do not think a political leader need to talk so much about their hard works, show to us your end results and don't talk lebeh.   

Some recent updates, I went to soften my hair due to the grass-like split hair end. However, the hair is too straight for my liking! But it is super healthy and smooth where the comb is unable to hold my hair haha! Many of my friends saying that my hair is super flat, flat flat flattt! (thanks y'all who wishing me to get four flat ;) HAHAHAHA! 

Before I start my revision, I need to KO my assignments! GOOD LUCK!

and after this i am going to PARTY again wee :D

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