Madam Kwan's KLCC

Madam Kwan's is one of the famous restaurant in Malaysia that serves a variety of Malaysian dishes in a clean atmosphere. Madam Kwan is located at KLCC, MidValley, Pavillion, Klang Valley and Bangsar.

The nasi lemak is one of the signature dish at Madam Kwan's. I think this place is suitable for your foreign friends to try our local dishes because it is less spicy. But in my opinion there are many other shops including Mamak stall serves better nasi lemak compared to Madam Kwan's.

Nasi Bojari is worth trying because it comes with perfectly blended spices of coloured rice, shredded beef rendang/chicken rendang, assam prawns, boiled egg, slices of tomato and cucumber.

I love their Cendol! 

Do not come here if you are in rush. It is because there are many people queuing up to be seated during lunch hour. We came to Madam Kwan's before 12pm to avoid crowded scenario at KLCC.

When we came out from Madam Kwan's, a huge Miss Kwan's mini shop had caught my eyesight too! I should try it next time hehe :D


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