After many attempts and persistence, the egg is finally standing!! Even it is located at 18th floor in my hostel!

Today is very meaningful for the Chinese because it signifies the beginning of SPRING!

The new gravitational theory provides a scientific explanation for this phenomenon that attributed to such things as imperfections in the egg surface that provide a small tripod on which the egg can be stabilized. The reason of the theory is due to the 23 degree tilt of the earth spin axis, there is a degree of symmetry during an equinox when the earth's spin axis is exactly at right angles with the direction to the sun from the earth. This means that free electrons in an egg can travel along these vertical diallel field lines and improved stability!

After the 9-day full of celebrations and gatherings, it is the time to face the reality! This is a special new year because most of my friends are coming back home, also, I missed all the gathering last year and MMU is arranging exam week on the 2013 CNY! Besides endless gathering with friendss, I organised a series of family activities because my brother is going to further studies so soon!

In short, I wish all of us have massive lucks and "ohm" in final exams!



  1. Smiles and hugs to you! Good luck!

  2. hello there. hi. actually im not here to comment but im dying to ask u for a favour. u studying in cambridge right? the story goes like this. i met this girl online(athiya nashwa, as in the URL) and we chat and started our relationship as a couple. at first it was just a joke but then after she tells me all her problems and first time i heard her cries, i just knew i couldnt let her be alone. so i started care for her and then love..well i think it is really love. i couldnt stop thinking bout her everyday, im dying to meet her, and i was really really really determined to live forever with her. ok back to the point. i never saw her and i never knew and will never knew if she was lying to me. she's died 25th jan ago because of brain cancer. i never got the chance to see her face cause she never let me. if we skype, she will cover her face, only displaying her eyes. i trust her but i just want to make sure. she said she studied at cambridge and taking biological science. she was 1993 so maybe that'll help with which batch was she with. and there's this one guy she said studied there too. named syed feudal. this fellow is not her friend and always harrassing her. i believe he still studying there too. im poor and dont have enough money to go to uk and see the proof for myself. that's why i dont know how i can make sure i am not being cheated or pranked. i search on google about malaysian student in cambridge and your blog came up. i really really really hope you can give me feedbacks. please check if there was a person named athiya nashwa binti abdul fadi studied at cambridge. in biological science. and she have friends too. muzam and diba. i never knew their full name. i really hope you can help me. im not so good at english and sorry if my english was not so good. i hope you can help me:(

  3. this is her twitter--> https://twitter.com/#!/thiyanashwa
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  4. hey syakib, but I am back to Malaysia now. I may ask my friends about it, take care!

  5. here is my email. you can contact me here. thank you for your help:) syakib.nordin@gmail.com


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