500am - wake up
630am - driving to work
700am - reach office
1230pm - lunch
630pm - drive back home
730pm - reach home
900pm - sleep

From 5am-9pm, this is basically my life cycle for 3 months.

Dear pimples have been visiting me non stop since my final exam. I am sick of you let's break up now. I wish you can find your new loves.

The power of chanting had arranged an awesome supervisor for me!

I learned scheme of arrangements, take over mergers, due diligence, privatization, co-sec, license extracting, agreement revision etc. Please give me more tasks oh yeah :D

I am looking forward to attend a real company general meeting soon!

I pray for my best memories, best experience, and best friends during my LA!

What about your intern experience? Can you guys share with me too?

Wish me lucks :)


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