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This blog was created when I was in university. The primary objectives of the blog are to share with other peers on the fighting spirit and purpose searching while we were in a transition between a youth to a beautiful adult.

After I have graduated from law school, I started my training and subsequently work in a law firm which does not offer me the luxury of time to blog about my working life.

When I got my first job, I was really grateful for my mentor Mr. Looi for his continuing support and his teaching. I realised that stress handling in university in TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY different compared to a real world.

Throwing back to my legal practice in the city 4 years back, I could proudly say that I am stronger and better than yesterday. But there are a lots more for me to challenge and grow in the future.

Then I got married with my first love.

I have made a firm decision to move back to my hometown to stay with my husband and his family.

I have also bravely quit my legal practice and join a construction company to experience the difference.

Then I got pregnant and entering motherhood at the end of 2018.

Too much changes in less than 6 months and I have decided to continue blogging about my motherhood journey.

I will mostly share about experiences in pregnancy and my significant changes in physical, mental and spiritual aspect throughout the journey.

Hope you will enjoy it xx

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