2014 kick off with a great lesson.

Reflected on how I worked in my very first month, I did mistakes in my borang 1-5, screw sq,hs,cs,ke work, transcribing problems etc. The one and only reason that caused the problem is nobody else but myself.

I remember how my mum scolded me of not closing my closet most of the time, criticized the disorder manner of my clothes, never put back the things that I took from etc. I told myself I don't want to waste my time in these tiny mini little things that affect my more important things. Eventually the "cincai" habit (simply do) have became my bad habit that have an adverse impact in my pieces of work done.

The METICULOUS needed to be trained in my daily life. For instance, if I am going to mop a floor in my condo, I could just cincai run a mop over the floor without paying extra attention to it as long as I mop it. Previously, I used to think that "ceh, don't waste my time doing those preparations, it's just a floor anyway". However, there are so many skills required to mop it properly. I definitely need to wear my specs (in order to see the floor clearly), then I need to move all of the furniture and other items on the floor. After putting the right mixture of the chemicals in the bucket, I also need to ensure the mop head is clean without much water on it. I can now start going from left to right or vice versa. After that I have to make sure that the chemical residue free from the bucket and the floor. The floor not only looks better and cleaner by using the right method and proper portion of the chemical, it will be will be germ-free too! No one might notice the difference but it doesn't change the fact that the floor is not the cleanest unless I put a meticulous effort in mopping the floor.

But look at a larger picture, apply the same technique to life and work. The best example in pupillage is to do transcribing. One can choose to do it with cincai attitude or to do it wholeheartedly. Doing transcribing might be time consuming but these are all the valuable practices to become a more meticulous and careful person.  We all make mistakes but efforts can be done to minimize the mistakes. Also, nobody is perfect but I strive to do the absolute best that I can. 

"Being a pupil is not an excuse to make mistakes, we need to treat EVERY single piece of work equally and take it very carefully" 

The question now is HOW CAN I BE METICULOUS?

Patience is one of the key factor. Many instances the work can't be done properly because I lost patience at the end. So practicing patience in even the smallest thing in my self.

Discipline and perseverance is another challenges that I am trying to encounter. Do the best piece of work disregard of whether the work was given by other pupils, secretary, associates or even partner. With the meticulous habit, I believe that it will prevent any bigger problems that cause more work in the long run.

Looking at my favourite Lamborghini, every bolt, inch of piping, machine in the engine were meticulously designed to ensure the car doesn't fall apart when I am driving in highway. Similarly, I want to be more and more meticulous in whatever undertakings in the present and future to ensure my bright future *wink*

I feel thankful for the all the constructive criticisms that inspired me to do my human revolution. 

p/s: I shall continue exercise more and more to keep myself energetic! I believe that meticulous can only be achieved when I have the strong mental and physical condition to face any challenge in my life.


I believe my great things are coming real soon! 


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