What is contentment? It is a state of being satisfied with what you have. I believe that we should bear in mind that there are always room for improvement even we are contended. After having a quality conversation with my friend today, I truly understand why kiwi lifestyle is so much different compared to most of the countries in the world.

We used to live in a place that keep us from content with what we have. Everyone (including myself) has always influenced by surroundings or media to be demanding. For instance, when a girl look like celebrities, specific lifestyles, marry a rich man or earning more money then will make her very happy. What is the problems with us now?

I never seen any youth in kiwiland (so far) using smartphone in comparison with most of my friends in Malaysia. You can see the rich kiwi wearing torn shirts and jeans like a normal people walking around the town, there is not much people carrying branded stuff in contrast with what we normally see in Asean countries. Kiwi (New Zealand people) are contented with what they are having now! It is the main factor that they have a longer lifespan and younger look!

I think the main problem that we are all facing now is lack of self confidence. We often being brainwash in the materialistic world that money can buy happiness. The only method to overcome this problem is to do the human revolution in order to determine what we want in the life despite of other influences. It is important to differentiate what we "want" and what we "need".

Frankly speaking, sometimes I will feel some disappointment after I came to kiwiland for 2 months. Unlike the stable working schedule as I expected, as a result I pokkai. Hahahaha. Then how can I save money to travel and to do the things I want as I imagined? Then we spent rest of our time/holidays rotting in a super small town to waste our working holidays.

BUT wait, I am feeling happy right now although everything is out of my expectation. I never knew that the tiny mini small town that I am currently living is soooo beautiful espcially the wharf and beaches. It is more beautiful than anywhere else that I have visited so far.

Moreover, I had bunch of lovely friends in the small town! A bestie or roomie that we share every moment together. A housemate who share with me many adventure stories. A super duper childish friend that have the power to cheer me up. A teacher that have many insightful thoughts. A blackface that can really smile and sharing his lessons with me. A pair of lovey dovey that can crazy with me. A bro that we can talk everything under the sun. A friend who is really eager to earn money. A bunch of cooking-mates that fattening together. And many kiwi ama/agong to crap and have fun! Look, I am really appreciate and thankful for what I have right now.

Last but not least, I want create value and beautiful memories in my remaining two months in the beautiful kiwiland. Take my time to adventure, explore and discover :)

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