New Chapter

I have finally done with law school! A chapter finish and a new chapter begins!

Let me refresh what I have done in four years time.

1.Enshrine Gohonzon
I think this is the greatest thing I want to yell haha! I finally took up faith and courage to do it despite so many challenges. Just do it!

No, I did not graduate with a first class degree :( I felt a little bit disappointed. But no worries, I have spent the time to explore and expose to many things other than just studying.

3.Exchange and Travel.
My uni has always filled of fun due to the frequent exchange to other countries such as UK, US, JPN. I love travelling. It can really reflect your character and tell you which path do you want to go in the future.
2011-Usa, Thailand
Many more places to explore, I need a good camera.

Yes no doubt I have grown up *physically?* Holy shit haha! I think I have grown up mentally as well. I don't care about the tiny mini things anymore. But, I am still a cry baby, this emotional problems is the big problems that I am trying to encounter. Determination, Focus and Meticulous is my main focus too.

5. Friends
Yes, I truly realized that how important friends are. QUALITY is outweigh QUANTITY for hundred times. Girlfriends,coursemates,golfmates,soka comrades,lecturer and my Family cum best friends. You are the best companion and support! Thank you so much!

6. Inspirational
Dare to Dream! There are so many things we can achieve by merely using our brain. Think about it and do not afraid of anything else. Then chant for it, do your best. I believe the best outcome will approach you naturally. Do not even care about others comments or criticism. Follow your heart if you think it is right. I learnt to put 100% effort in everything I do, however sometimes the "cincai" character can really help to ease your worries and stress. Ultimately, you will realize that your worries is nothing compared to other more important things happened in the world.

7. Vow
I hope to do my human revolution and hence kosen rufu. Read more to share with my blogger. I want to find out who I really are and do what I really excel. I believe practice makes perfect. Expand my potential in each and every beautiful day.

I hope to find a good master in my pupillage that makes me realized who I am, to live my life to the fullest!

Gonna spend few months to widen my horizon, human revolution and have fun!

I'm all ready for New Zealand and it's my resolution to write at least 2 posts per week to share with y'all! Hehe ;)

Can't wait for my new chapter! Bon voyage ;)


  1. yes sunshine, can't wait for your updates! please update more and be a hardworking blogger okay? have fun, enjoy it the the fullest and take good care of yourself!


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