Le Finale!

Oh yes, it was an amazing night!

I thought most of them can't make it due to the presentation and assignments, but I am so grateful that everything turns well :)

I choose 99* Garden at Jaya 99 prudential building because I like the conducive environment. Also, the boss are willing to provide the whole area for us that night!!

This is a night where every different "gang" are mixing together irrespective of races and language and lecturer or student!


3 mustakers of da class!

Muar Price and Segamat Princess

Party Rocks to the max!! Professor and lecturers dancing gangnam style happily!

After 4 years of training and polishing, the diamond-like potential that embedded inside our heart has 

finally revealed! The bling bling night has made everyone of you stunning, magnificent & flashy!

Love you guys, the night won't be young without you 



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