Love what you do, Do what you love

Who am I for the past few weeks? I lost my craziness and smile when I was alone. 

I received an email from Tim this morning!! It was super inspiring and I am so motivated now!

A common norm of people (like me) coming from Chinese School is always working too hard or "kiasu" in another words.

Tim: "just be organised and plan ahead. I'm not hardworking but I do what needs to be done." 

Then I realized that I study because of exam, and that's all.

This is not a real purpose of learning but the time constraint is the factor that I need to overcome.

I love to read law that is for sure, so why am I feeling so down when I am doing, rushing and learning all the stuff I love? 

There are tons which I dont even ready yet. But its true that I should calm down and try my best. That is really not a big deal at all! I can do it! A special thanks to How, Black, Aqiya, Cliff, Shelly, family who gimmi support!

I hope to further my studies in the USA for a longer period because there is something that I want to learn, explore and share!

Yay Sunshine is back!

Love what you do, Do what you love!



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