Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding!!

The college romance that seemed to wilt under the pressure of adulthood and the glare of the paparazzi has blossomed at last. Prince William is finally engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton and will give Britain its biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer almost 30 years ago. Also see (Alien visit Royal Wedding?!)

Super Diamond for Kate from Diana

Her Wedding Dress Design

Someone edited her pictures in Google ftw! hahah

Every people is start celebrating their royal wedding in UK

I wish u both happily ever after!

Acknowledgement: Photos from The Guardian and BBC


  1. I just loved having a look at these wedding photos. The couple looks super awesome. People always want to have such a perfect day. We also wanted a gorgeous fairy themed ceremony so had booked one of the best wedding Venues in NYC. It turned out to be super amazing.


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